Digital and Graphic Designer, London

Kinga koren

I am a digital and graphic designer and a qualified proofreader.

What I do

I have extensive knowledge of communication design, including concept design, editorial, data visualisation, UX, UI, IA, 3D installation, visual identity, accessible printing and design research.

I enjoy working on creative assignments that are adopted across a variety of media. I have a keen eye for details and like complex design projects.


Graphic Design

Visual Identity


Design Research

Data Visualisation


MY Latest Work

Just a few examples of recent projects that I have worked on. Get in touch for more.


A few of my Clients

  • London School of Economics
  • Architectural Association (AA)
  • Altai Consulting
  • Daab Design
  • Hungarian Cultural Centre
  • Studio Saxe
  • Konzertdirection Schmid UK
  • Szorgos Méhecske
  • Tiara Ltd
  • Pentel Hungary

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